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Great Game Hotwheels

Posted by Justin on October 26, 2013 at 12:45 AM

Good job guys on our first game of the 2014 Season! I was really impressed by how everone did out there for our first time playing outside under the lights! I know we did not win the game but its not always about the number on the scoreboard, sure its great to have the winning score but what really matters is if you had fun and learned something from it. I think that this loss was important for us to have becuase I believe that it shows us that we are really not invincible from all of the opponents even with all of the advantages that we have. My hope is that this will teach you guys and motiviate us all to practice a little bit more and take the practice drills a little more seriously! Coach Brendan and Coach Chirs both spend a lot of time volunteering each week to help us learn some of the skills that they have learned over their hockey careers and I believe that we do not give them as much credit as they deserve. Anyways good game guys, I hope you all had a great time at the game and I will see you all at the next practice which is on November 2nd at 10 am at First Presbeterian Church!

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